How much may my company be worth?

FirmValue offers consulting services for business owners and company top managers.  FirmValue experts specialize in the key areas of management challenges faced by business leaders today, incl.:

Change management.
Increasing operational effectiveness.
Distribution models and sales network solutions.
Review of implementing IT solutions.

  • What is the realistic value of my business?
  • How do my decisions actually impact my firm valuation?
  • What would be a fair price for shares in my company?


If you ask yourself this and similar questions, it is high time you gave some though to what in fact drives the value of your business.


Take advantage of the depths of knowledge you will find useful in managing your business every day to grow its value even more effectively.

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FirmValue offers experience and expert advice.
FirmValue can provide you with a fresh perspective and an independent opinion well worth serious consideration.

Even though you may not yet be contemplating the sale of your business, and you put all your energy into building it up today to eventually pass it on to the next generation, it may be worthwhile to get an answer as to what in essence comprises the value of your enterprise.

Having in mind the firm’s current as well as its future owners…